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UPVC Window Hinge Replacement Service

Broken window hinges can cause problems with security, energy efficiency, and how well your UPVC windows work. Broken window hinges can cause problems with security, energy efficiency, and the functionality of your UPVC windows. At Cutting Edge Double Glazing Repairs, we specialise in replacing UPVC window hinges. Our goal is to fix these issues and ensure that your windows are working properly once again.

The Problems Caused by Broken Window Hinges

When the hinges on your UPVC windows break or become damaged, it can lead to various issues, including:

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

Broken hinges can make it challenging to open and close your windows smoothly. This inconvenience affects your daily life and ventilation options.

Compromised Security

A window with broken or malfunctioning hinges is an invitation to potential intruders. It leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins, posing a significant security risk.

Energy Inefficiency

Gaps and misalignment caused by broken hinges can lead to drafts, loss of conditioned air, and energy inefficiency. This results in higher energy bills and a less comfortable indoor environment.

Aesthetic Disruption

When your windows do not open or close properly, it can affect the visual appeal of your home. This detracts from your home's curb appeal and overall appearance.

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How We Can Solve Your Broken Window Hinge Issue

At Cutting Edge Double Glazing Repairs, we understand the importance of maintaining the functionality and security of your UPVC windows. We have designed our specialised UPVC window hinge replacement service to effectively address these concerns. Here's how we can help:

Hinge Expertise

Our team of experienced technicians is well-versed in diagnosing hinge issues. We use our expertise to identify the problem and provide a suitable replacement, ensuring that your windows open and close smoothly.

Enhanced Security

Our hinge replacements not only restore the functionality of your windows but also enhance their security. We ensure the secure locking of your windows to protect your home and loved ones.

Energy Efficiency

Properly functioning hinges are essential for maintaining energy efficiency. We address any gaps or misalignment, ensuring your windows are airtight and capable of retaining conditioned air effectively.

Quick Solutions

We understand that a malfunctioning window can disrupt your daily life and compromise your home's security. Our goal is to provide fast and efficient hinge replacements, minimizing any inconveniences.


Our focus is on providing cost-effective solutions. We believe in the value of quality repairs, allowing you to save money on costly window replacements.

Choose Cutting Edge Double Glazing Repairs for your window hinge replacement. Get quality work, security, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. We're here to ensure your windows function as they should, bringing back the comfort and security you deserve.

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