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Cat Flap Installation Service

Your Cat's Access to Freedom

Imagine the convenience of granting your beloved feline friend easy access in and out of your home. No more incessant meowing by the door, no more late-night or early-morning wake-up calls. 

Our team of expert cat flap installers are here to improve the way you and your cat interact with your home. We provide and install top-notch cat flaps in different places, enhancing your and your cat's happiness by tenfold.

Are you contemplating a cat flap installation in your home's glass, be it a window or the back door? Look no further! We specialise in creating the perfect access point for your furry family member, allowing easy access from indoors to outdoors and back.

We are just a call away, ready to assist you in booking a time that suits your busy schedule. After scheduling an appointment, we will quickly install a cat flap so your cat can go outside easily.

Our cat flap fitters are well-versed in tailoring their services to your specific needs.

At Cutting Edge Double Glazing Repairs, we understand the importance of providing your pets with the freedom they deserve. We aim to make life easier for you and your loved ones, ensuring freedom of movement while keeping your home safe.

Ready to enhance your pet's quality of life? Contact Cutting Edge Double Glazing Repairs today, and let us open the door to a world of possibilities for your feline friend.

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